Material Discussion

The Popularization of Hot-Dip Galvannealed Steel (GA)

The Popularization of Hot-Dip Galvannealed Steel (GA)

As the standard of living around the world continues to rise, expectations in the quality and aesthetic appearance of steel products goes up as well.  In the past, to fulfill these expectations, manufacturers would add a finishing to steel products that would work as an anti-corrosive.  This treatment was expensive, time-consuming, and harmful to the environment.  To solve these problems, we provide an alternative finishing treatment called hot-dip galvannealed steel (GA) that is low cost, high quality, efficient, and environmentally friendly.


A.  GA International Standards

JIS (JIS G3302) : Japan Standard Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel

JFS (JFS A3011) : Asia Automobile Alloy Standard Hot-Dip Galvannealed Steel

ASTM (ASTM A653) : U.S.A. Automobile Alloy Standard Hot-Dip Galvannealed Steel


B.   Properties of GA


1. Manufacturing process and inventory control is easy to manage.  In an era of many customer orders of lower quantities; flexibility and speed is essential.  GA allows us to produce semi-finished products earlier to satisfy our client’s needs without compromising quality, unlike cold rolled steel which is susceptible to rust within 7 days.


2. Simplified painting process:

Cold Rolled Steel (SPCC): The painting process involves the following steps: pickling – degreasing – rinsing – surface phosphate treatment – final paint coating.

GA: The painting process involves the following steps: degreasing – rinsing – final paint coating.

Using GA steel, manufacturers can save on chemical solution costs and up to 2 - 3 minutes of processing time, reducing overall production costs by 4 - 5%.


3. Lower painting cost:

Cold Rolled Steel (SPCC): Both sides of the sheet should be painted to ensure quality stability.

GA: Only the top side needs to be painted, while the back side can be left untouched or slightly painted.

Manufacturers that use GA steel can save around 40 - 50% on paint costs.


4. Aids environmental conservation:

Our GA product is an environmental-friendly steel material.  It contains no lead, cadmium, mercury, or hexavalent chromium.  (Our supplier can provide documentation on these qualities)


5. Simplified production process:

If a product is part of an internal component, no extra painting or electroplating is necessary before installation.


6. Upgrade in product quality:

   6-1.  SPCC :  Corners or areas that are not painted begin to rust easily.

           GA     :  There is a corrosion resistance finishing to maintain product quality.


   6-2.  SPCC :  Rust or bubbling may appear if the surface cleaning process is not properly performed.  Any edges that have not been cleanly cut may be difficult to clean and can negatively affect product quality.

            GA    :  Any cut edge will be protected because of the zinc anode, which improves product quality.


6-3.  SPCC :  Even with a coat of paint, accidents or surface scratches can easily cause products to rust.

            GA    :  Despite the presence of scratches on the product, the zinc coating protects the product from rusting.