About Us

About Us

 For nearly 30 years, Ye Chime Company, Ltd. has been an international company that specializes in the slitting and cutting of sheet metal.  Our products have been supplied to Thailand, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Mauritius, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia and many other countries.  Our many years of experience in the international trade of metal materials has resulted in a wealth of industry knowledge and an expertise of the metal market.  Our core values are simple - provide our customers with high quality raw metal materials, competitive pricing, technical knowledge, and outstanding service.  Because of these values, we have maintained long relationships with our many customers around the world and continue to provide them with the best possible prices and service.

     At Ye Chime, all orders complete a rigorous quality assurance process.  All raw materials go through tensile testing, thickness inspection, and zinc layer peeling tests.  If tensile testing fails, raw materials will go through a pressing process in an attempt to maintain the material quality to Ye Chime’s standards for other product uses. Our factory implements the effective Japanese 5S workplace organization process.  The benefits of ‘5S’ are endless - from a reduction in defect rates and enhanced quality control to the elimination of waste and lean process improvement.  Ultimately, it allows Ye Chime to consistently provide our customers the most high-quality products. 


Company Milestones

November 14, 1989  

Ye Chime Company, Ltd. established in Guanmiao District of Tainan City, Taiwan

March 2006

Ye Chime moves to its current location

September 30, 2011

Ye Chime Company Thailand, Ltd. established

January 24, 2017

Ye Chime Thailand celebrates new factory opening


ISO 9001:2015 Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Registered ™ Certificate

TÜV Rheinland Certificate


Our Mission and Vision 

Thanks to the conveniences afforded by information technology and transportation, a true "global village" has finally taken shape.  Standards of living around the world have gone up along with a rise in awareness for protecting the environment.  Ye Chime continues to meet the needs of today’s customers through the introduction, import, export, and processing of the proper materials to keep up with global trends and developments.  We believe in maintaining the integrity of our company by using a “customer first” mindset throughout all our operations.  Our excellent service focuses on cost, quality, and efficiency.  We welcome suggestions and comments from our industry colleagues and look forward to the support of our customers in this effort to build a brighter and more beautiful tomorrow.